FENIEX QUAD Converter 

The Feniex Quad Converter is the brains behind most of the quad line. The quad converter is used to control up to 8 separate Quad devices. 1 Quad Converter only is needed to control up to 8 of the below Quad models. The Quad Converter comes standard with the full size light bar. When purchasing other devices such as an Interior Bar or Quad stick you only need 1 Quad Converter to run them all.

The Feniex Quad Converter is a digital to analog converter that takes the 2 pin digital wire that exit Quad devices and converts them to 28 programmable functions that exit the Quad Converter. The converter offers 2 tact switches that allow you to cycle pattern and color direct from the converter. The future is Quad. Products that require the Quad Converter

  • Feniex Quad 400-800 Stick Lights
  • Feniex Quad GPL 44”-60” Lightbars – Converter Included
  • Feniex Quad Arrow Board & Rocker Panel
  • Feniex Quad Front & Rear Interior Lightbar 


  • 15-Programmable Color Settings: Single, Dual, Tri & Quad
  • 15-Color Programmable Rear Traffic Advisor: Left, Right & Center-Out
  • 4-Programmable Cut-Off Modes: Front, Rear, Driver & Passenger
  • 4-Programmable Flood Modes: Front, Rear, Driver, & Passenger
  • 15-Programmable Flash Patterns for Front & Rear Flashing
  • 4-Color Programmable Cruise Modes: Driver & Passenger
  • 3-Programmable DOT Functions: Stop, Turn & Tail Light
  • 3-Programmable Brightness Levels: 10%, 50% & 100%
  • 4-Programmable Priority Flashing Modes for Front & Rear
  • Programmable California-Red Mode: 20 Different Positions
  • Built in Pattern & Color Section Switch for Ease of Use
  • Easy Field Serviceability with Plug-&-Play Connectivity


  • Current Draw: 1 Amp
  • Cable Length: 1 Foot
  • Input Voltage: 10-18 Volts DC
  • Dim: 1” H x 2.6" W x 4.1" L
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Made in the USA: Austin, TX

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